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The Shift: Private coaching built to transform your mind and body.

You’re a high-achieving woman with a thriving career, yet you find yourself struggling to strike the balance between your professional successes and your personal well-being. The things you want are always taking the backseat and you know it’s time to work on your mind to get the results you want. 


This in-depth one-on-one program is tailored to meet your unique needs of being a busy, ambitious woman who is determined to take charge of your life and create lasting positive change. It is designed to teach you how to build and sustain habits that don’t just change your body, they change your life.


You’ll no longer react to life and cope in ways you’ve been trying to change for years, you’ll eliminate the fear of asking for what you really want, and you will finally be confident in your mind and body.

Inside The Shift…


  1. Initial Health Assessment - We look at your current habits, routines and behaviors to see how you are getting in your own way. 

  2. Course Correction - Changing the way you think and treat yourself with a new game plan for your mind and body.

  3. Live Your Fullest Life -  with an elevated sense of self and fierce new confidence you go on to further your personal and professional success.

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Between your career and your responsibilities you’ve got too much on your plate, the last thing you want to do is spend time trying to figure out what will “work” best for you on your health journey.


You’re tired of trying to fit it all in, and you’re frustrated with starting a new health routine and not getting the results you want. If you just had a detailed plan of exactly what to do, you’d have the consistency you want.


There’s an overwhelming amount of information telling you what to do and not to do, sifting through it is exhausting when all you need is a clear plan. The Habit Reset gives it to you.


With an actionable plan in place you get to show up and get the results you want, without all the trial and error guesswork that keeps you spinning. 


In the Habit Reset you will…


  1. Uncover your current habits, routines and behaviors keeping you in the same place year after year. 

  2. Redesign your optimal health routine to break free from falling off the wagon.

  3. Have a personalized 12 week day-to-day action plan to feel the best you’ve ever felt in your mind + body.

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Discover your path to sustainable habit transformation with Refine and Rise. This is your customized 4-week habit program designed specifically for the driven woman you are. This comprehensive program empowers you to build a strong foundation and establish lasting habits that align with your personal and professional goals. Through structured weekly guidance, you'll navigate the challenges of forming new habits and cultivate the discipline to maintain them over time.

Inside Refine & Rise you will...

1. Set the groundwork by defining your priorities and crafting a clear plan. Helping you to establish a structured daily routine that aligns with your aspirations.

2. Overcome challenges and obstacles that plagued your progress in the past with daily guidance, support and accountability.

3. Have established a personalized routine and a toolkit of strategies for maintaining your habits long-term. Experience greater productivity, self-discipline, and a renewed sense of confidence in your ability to achieve your goals.

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